When Stars Align

by Capris Esguerra

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released March 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Capris Esguerra Torrance, California

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Track Name: Mr. Natsat
Your ego always steps on me
And I never called you out on it
Cause I didn't want to be mean

Say to myself
"One more time would not hurt me"
I see you packing your bags
I see you leaving

Your love filled the void
Of a thousand bullet holes in my heart
Knew something was wrong when you became
One of those bullets
Track Name: February 14
Your eyes are so mean
It's really hard to say anything

Silence grows louder
And you get angrier

Oh no

Is your heart still beating?
Did the night of ecstasy mean anything?

Butterflies are dead inside
You deny being my Valentine

Oh no

Were your words hollow the whole time?
Were your words hollow the whole time?

Will we be fine?

I'll give it time.
Track Name: Afraid
How can that be?
Missing you so badly
You don't even belong to me
How do I erase this feeling?

I'm so afraid
Us drifting apart
You walking away

Want to keep you in my pocket
Please don't leave
I know that's not healthy thinking

You tell me about your day
Drunken adventures far away
I smile and hesitate
Give off bad body language my mistake

I beg you please
Don't collect nights of ecstasy
Please stay with me
Don't add more tally marks
Underneath your bed sheets
Track Name: To A Nice Guy From A Nice Girl
Oh foolish me
Liking you so badly

I've seen your heart break too many times
You're a closed book most of the time

What you've told me
First one didn't want to be risky
Second one was crazy

Oh foolish me
Finally confessing everything

You call and apologize for keeping me waiting
That's fine
I wasn't expecting anything

You tell me you don't believe
In dating more than one person at a time
That's fine

You tell me about number three
I say she's so lucky

I hear through the grapevine
You're not fine

Number three says
"Baby it's not you it's me"
"Baby you're too good for me"
Pfft baloney

When are you going to open your eyes
I've been here the whole time

When are you going to see
I've been on the sidelines waiting

I'm right here if you want me
I'm right here if you need somebody

When are you going to open your eyes
I've been here the whole time

I'd treat you right
Like you I wouldn't hurt a fly