Waking Up

by Capris Esguerra

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All these songs were written Spring 2013 and were recorded on my laptop using a free trial of Mixcraft 6. "Salvation", "Numbers", and "Giving Up" are all incomplete tracks.


released March 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Capris Esguerra Torrance, California

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Track Name: Numbers
One is the most loneliest number
Numbers Two and Three have company
Four, Five, and Six are on a road trip
Seven, Eight, and Nine are out getting wine

Ten, Eleven, Twelve are doing well
Thirteen and Fourteen just went to their party
Fifteen and Sixteen are out spray painting
Seventeen and Eighteen are out skating
Track Name: Giving Up
I'm letting you go
Letting you be
It's been way too long
And nothing's happening

It's been two years
I gave you my letter already

I'll never know
If you ever liked me

I'm tired of being weak at the knees
I'm done holding my breath
And counting one, two, three

I'm fed up being shy
That's not who I really am inside
Track Name: Waking Up
It's been four years
Since I have seen your face

Things have gotten better
I wish I had one more day
One more day

I've slept in bed for days
Met some people along the way

Gave my heart away
Too many times

Cried and cried and cried
Every night
Every night

For a long time
I've wanted to die

I finally
Found strength to get back on my feet

Gonna be happy
Gonna be happy