Take It Away

by Capris Esguerra

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for the fourteen year old girl who still loves the boy who turned her heart blue. for the realization that she has been running away from the heartache for nine years straight. for the closure, healing, and clarity that she recently recieved but didn't know that she was in dire need of so badly. for the year of the nine and all its potential to end every grain of pain one last time.


released March 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Capris Esguerra Torrance, California

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Track Name: Take It Away
i don't know what i"m feeling right now
my head's in the clouds
and i see you there
but not with me
not with me

so many years has passed us by
let's count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
the last time i saw you i was fourteen
now i'm awake and twenty-three

you wake up with memories
of well what has passed
but the heartache still lasts
heartache still lasts

i don't like this feeling anymore
it breaks me to the core
i don't want to be in this pain
of shameless dismay

take it away from me
take it away from me
take it away
take it away

take it away
away from me

take it away
Track Name: From The Ashes
that valentine's day night, i rise
from the ashes i was suffocating in for so long
you picked me up and blew away
all the demons away
blew the demons away

every little piece of memory that you spat out
gave me so much clarity and peace inside of me
every little story you spilled out into me

i found the sun shine inside of me
for the first time in a very long time
you don't even know
the dandelions are blowing in my soul

it's been 9 years since i was 14
you left my heart so suddenly
your heart was full of poor assumptions of me
and it wasn't true, but who can blame you

i wanna cry
because of all our wasted time
we could have been
we could have seen
we could have grown together
we could have seen so many things
and i don't know
what to do
if your heart is cold

i apologize a hundred times for that night
i apologize a hundred times for that time
i got drunk in the back of your car

i apologize a hundred times
but i don't know what to say
you are a leo and you put my heart into flames

i don't know what to do
about you