Fall Blues

by Capris Esguerra

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released December 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Capris Esguerra Torrance, California

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Track Name: One Way Street
You said,

"Never give up on love, that's my philosophy"

I've been driving down this one way street,

Are you ever gonna come?

My emergency lights are flashing
Track Name: August
We drove to Santa Cruz that August night
It was three in the morning
I wore your Brand New shirt
And everything was alright

I shit talked about all my friends along the way
You said you understood
And it was okay
Track Name: Cruel
Oh baby, take a step back cause you're suffocating me
Oh and don't be fooled cause I'm smiling
Guess that's the irony of playing a song on the ukulele

Why are you so cruel?
Did the world not do you any good?
Did someone hurt you so badly
That you have to repeat history?
Track Name: September 17
Is she still in the back of your mind?

Do you ever see her face when you look me in the eye?

I dire to know what's in her soul
Why did you let her go?

Am I just someone temporary?
Someone to block the memories?

You push me away, I come close
You are the magnet, I am the pole

You lost your smile but I remember that
I remember your red shirt, your smirk, and your hat

Baby you'll come back
Track Name: Ignored
I look at you
Do you even see me?

I cry and cry and cry
And you ignore me

You point the finger at me
I'm the one always saying

"I'm sorry"

All I ever wanted was for us to be okay
But I'm the one to blame